• It's a C-Y-A for the pharmaceutical manufacturers. Increased suicidal thoughts are a recognized potential side effect of all consumer-marketed antidepressants. This advertising phenomenon is an FDA mandated extension of the 'Black Box Warning' voted upon in September, 2004 and subsequently modified from applying just to children and adolescents to adults as well, based on clinical statistics. The 'Black Box Warning' is a warning label that must be included on all antidepressants warning that increased suicidal thoughts and actions is a possible effect of the drug. This is not really a new development - since the inception of antidepressant drugs, it has been seen statistically that for one, in the beginning stages of therapy, an antidepressant may increase the energy and motivation level of a severely depressed patient so that he/she has the volition to carry out a suicide attempt where fatigue and apathy previously prevented such an action. SSRIs also are well known for causing agitation and akathisia in a portion of patients which can cause suicidal ideation.
  • It means that these drugs are not as safe as you think. The black box warning was put on the drugs because parents advocated for it, after many of them lost their kids to suicide soon after they started the drugs. There is a trend in Western society to drug people who react adversely to our sometimes cruel and unjust world instead of creating a less cruel and more just world. Even though depression has been marketed as a biochemical imbalance, the 'symptoms' are also the things someone would feel if they experienced severe injustice. If this large-scale drugging continues, more people will be living in a less just world, and fewer people will be fighting to make it more just. Imagine if the plantation slaves had been convinced that their anger and sadness was due to a biochemical imbalance! Today, they'd be picking cotton with big smiles, enduring their injustice but not caring about it! The first major SSRI was Prozac which is made by Eli Lily. Guess who is on the board of directors of Eli Lily? Bush Senior!! And guess what else Eli Lily makes... the vaccine preservative that contained mercury which is implicated in the epidemic levels of autism!! This has been covered up (not that well) by the FDA. Bush Jr. has a "New Freedom in Mental Health Act" in the works that would require public school kids to be screened for psychiatric illnesses so they can be drugged early and often. This is SOCIAL CONTROL and POLITICS, and not good medical care. When someone tries to convince me that something is a disease, I dig deeper to learn more. Medicine and politics are intertwined in more ways than one. For example, the DSMV which lists various psychiatric diagnoses identifies a condition known as "Oppositional and Defiant Disorder". Basically, rebelliousness. Ironically, there is no logical counterpart like "Misuse of Power Disorder" which could lead a healthy person to feel oppositional and defiant. Dig deeper, some answers are not on the surface.
  • Well then the other simpler answer is that it's a simple 'contraindication'... in cases of feelings which can be described as suicidal, the drug manufacturer does not want you to continue taking the drug.
  • i think theyre right, i took them yrs ago and had weird thoughts like that, im not on them now

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