• I personally like a nice pair of jeans on a girl.
  • I was raised around horses and it would be a bit unlady-like to ride and do barn work in skirts and dresses. I am most comfortable in jeans, but I do also enjoy wearing skirts and dresses when appropriate.
  • You are feminine no matter what you have on (unless you are not a woman) Jeans are very sexy; you can really show off your girlish curves LOL!!!! ;)
  • The jeans I have on right now have embroidered flowers and gemstones on them. i don't really like plain jeans. some of them do look a bit manly.
  • G'day Weak Girl, Thank you for your question. It is probably because some women feel more comfortable wearing them. Regards
  • I'm right with ya when it comes to skirts. I own like one pair of jeans and I don't wear them outside. I only do house work in mine. Great question.
  • I actually feel the same. I wear skirts and dresses almost every day. I cannot stand jeans actually!
  • I love my skirts and dresses, and if I want to look good I'll pick out a skirt over jeans any day. But jeans are one of the most practical items of clothing known to man (unless it's raining, in which case they're hell on earth.)- I wear skirts for work, for shopping, for going out on the town or lazing in the park. But if I'm walking my Mum's dogs, scrubbing my kitchen floor or riding a bike I tend to find jeans a lot more hardwearing. And they can look quite cute if you wear them right.
  • I am a girl and I wear jeans all the time and I feel feminine.
  • I like wearing jeans because I live in ranch country, dusty and full of cow pies.
  • I love jeans. Cant run/jump/tackle people in skirts, can you?
  • I like jeans because I feel I don't have to worry about bending over, etc. Plus I think a good fitting pair of jeans are HOT! My hubby is with you thou~. LOL
  • The thing that's good about jeans as compared to skirts and dresses is that I can just put them on and then I can stop worrying about them. If I was going to wear a skirt, all day I would have to take into account that, you know....I don't got much cover down there. I would have to always make sure everything is adequately concealed after every time I move. It's too much work, and I usually don't want to burden myself with it. Sure, I don't feel feminine in jeans either....but I've never exactly been an exemplary young lady...
  • Well you asked about the dresses so I told you why I didn't have luck and he's part of it.
  • jeans are comfortable with me. being too fem makes me feel awkward. not to mention that there are plenty of long tops that i can wear that make me feel enough like a girl and still move around comfortably.
  • I dislike skirts and dresses, because they are difficult to do anything in. I also can never find any that fit me right. I have worn a skirt once this year already, and that was enough for me. I couldn't care less if I feel feminine or not. I have a female shape, that's enough for me, also.
  • I'm no girl but it's because they like it and they have with and feel comfortable. In their late teens and early 20's some girls work as maid/nanny girls living in their employers home, and one thing many of the girls really hate is being required by their employer to wear clothes like skirts and blouses. Even other young girls, like some hotel girls/secretary girls/office girls/cleaner girls/kitchen girls/restaurant girls and waitress girls have to wear that and many of them really hate it.
  • i wear jeans on the odd ocasion feel more comfortable in shorts or skirts
  • I have no problems feeling very feminine in whatever I'm wearing, even wearing nothing. Feminine comes from the mind, not what you are wearing on the outside. I often wear pants because I ride horses work outside and do things that skirts get in the way. And I love thinking about Audrey Hepburn who wore pants often and she was just so feminine and lovely no matter what she had on. If you 'wear' femininity, it's an attitude and people can recognize it no matter what you wear...or not wear:-)
  • I do not feel feminine if I were wearing men's clothes, like a suit and tie, but jeans are fine.
  • These days, girls jeans are very feminine. Plus they're practical: they're warm in winter, you can wear sneakers that would look really weird with a skirt, and you don't have to shave your legs!
  • i feel so un-sexy in skirts and dresses. they are so reavealing. sometimes leaving things to the imagination is sexy, and jeans do that :)
  • They're comfortable and if they're neat and not too tight look good. I think they're feminine. But I also love skirts and tailored blouses and I wear them a lot.
  • I only have one pair of jeans. I don't like dressing like my husband.
  • I feel feminine, whatever I'm wearing, it doesn't matter. I'm wearing skinny jeans just now, they aren't exactly manly. I love clothes. And I would never limit myself to only wearing skirts and dresses. Anyways, they're comfy.
  • I have no problem feeling feminine in jeans, and that is what the majority of woman wear where I work. They are comfortable and warm in the winter. I really can't afford two wardrobes, so I have limited dress clothes.
  • I wear skirts when appropriate. I wear jeans most of the time because the are comfortable and durable. I work hard, I crawl around on concrete floors stocking groceries one day and am cuttting meat on the next. I am not going to wear a skirt for that. I just asked my husband, he says that I fill out my jeans quite well, with no loss of femininity.
  • I haven't worn a dress since my friends wedding 5 years ago. I feel very feminine in jeans and I think some jeans are very sexy if worn with the right top
  • cause jeans=good lol i dont use skirts, they dont offer protection aganist the bite of a zombie
  • skinny jeans ARE feminine and sexy. you don't have to be showing 90% of your body to look "feminine". it's all about leaving it to mystery. plus, it's so much easier in jeans.
  • I feel feminine with and without jeans... my trademark (for me) is my wallet with regular 10 inch chain that comes with it plus two 24 inch bike chains that i make to look tiered... i would never be able to wear it without jeans... I usually wear my skirts over jeans, unless it's a special occasion... Besides the fact that if I can't wear jeans, i can't have my wallet, and, my subsequently my money and ID wouldn't be on me, ever... I have to have something with front and back pockets for my wallet, phone, iPod and chap stick... I don't use purses... why? because every time I do I end up forgetting it and lose everything that is in it... which is not good... wearing skirts over jeans, esp. extra flowy, hanky-hemmed ones are best.. usually have elastic waist and I can wear my wallet/chain under or over it as well... i hate my legs, the only way for me to feel comfortable in a skirt is over jeans or some other pant.... Skirts and Dresses are pretty, and can be the best ever... but jeans, to a lot of people I know, it's not just about how they feel in them, but how others see them and jeans, unlike skirts/dresses can hide and slim you with the controlled fabric...
  • When I was really thin I wore dresses a lot but also had the $$ to buy the styles that looked good on me. Now I am heavier, do not have the same income so jeans are the most practical way to go. My lifestyle also has changed and does not require that kind of wardrobe.
  • i like the way the hug my butt just right and so comfy.
  • I like the way they feel and they are very comfortable. You are not limited to what you can do. In a dress you are limited.

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