• Because that would destroy the illusion. He's really just a man behind a curtain.
  • He's embarassed that he's wearing that stupid outfit!
  • Because he isnt a real wizard.
  • G'day Maesterthief, Thank you for your question. Because he's not a real wizard. It would have saved Dorothy a lot of trouble had she have known. Regards
  • Because until he 'helped' Dorothy discover her own potential he was a wizardly fraud.
  • He's just a shady fellow like that!
  • Because they might see what is behind the curtain...that he is not magical but only wise.
  • I just found this for myself and thought I would share with you: No One Gets In To See The Wizard Mary Englebreit, a delightful whimsical artist, has a drawing that represents an artist at work, with a sign on her door. “No one gets in to see the Wizard. No way. No how. Yes, this means YOU!” I smiled the first time I saw it, and think of it often when I realize what is required to carve out creative time in my life. Sometimes, a guard at the door. You must be that guard. You are the one in charge of protecting your artistic life – no one else. You are the one who must say, “There, there Darling…it’s time for you to be with your writing, dreaming, painting, jewelry, sea glass. Come with me. Everybody can wait. Yes, they’ll whine and wail and scratch horribly at the door. That’s okay. That’s to be expected at first. It is not a dictate to answer the howlings, hoping to settle them all in under their blankies so that you can earn ten minutes of peace. Go decisively. Tell them when they can expect to see you again (or not) and go! Once they see they cannot coax you back until YOU are ready, they will move away from the door. Like puppies, they will find some new trail to follow. Find a different hand with a bisquit. You, if you don’t peek behind the door to check on the quiet, will have your time and space to create, heal, dream, breathe, imagine, walk, paint, nap, write, wonder, pray, meditate, dance, laugh, cry. You will have a little romance time with yourself. And when you return, refreshed, enlightened, happy ~ they ~ with yips of delight ~ will be glad for your return. But be sure to mention you’ll be leaving again soon, and often.”
  • "Nobody gets in to see the Wizard, not no way, not no how". "Oh yeah, who can get away with that". Potential = Capacity or Inner Power... Here is how I see the meaning of this esoteric hidden message via the following circular reasoning... Nobody is nobody, but who is somebody, and only somebody is who gets in to see the Wizard. In other words... Who (Dorothy) only becomes somebody when who is reborn of the Spirit in the name of Jesus (The way, the truth, and the life) ... and only the reborn somebody (Dorothy realizing and accepting her Inner Power) is who gets to enter the Kingdom of Heaven to be with God by accepting that the Kingdom of God is within (Inner Power / Potential) Love and Peace, J.C. John 14:6 "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."

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