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  • If he's asking for it you can't be that bad. But, to be honest, the sexiest thing you can do while performing oral sex on a man is be or atleast act confident and act like you can't get enough of it. If it seems like you really enjoy doing it for him, he will be uber turned on by your desire and he'll feel sexy in return. In most cases hell return the favor with equal zeal due to your showing him how hot you find him.
  • you can combine handjob techniques along with oral sex. Here's a link to some handjob video tutorials:
  • Eye contact. My hunny makes a comment about that everytime I do it.
  • Roll his balls.
  • 1) Always swallow! 2) When you know hes gonna cum open wide and let him shoot his load inyour mouth and lips. 3) Make it a spit job slobber and spit all over his cock. Let it drip on your chin. 4) Open your mouth wide and let him thrust his cock in and out of your mouth until you gag! Let him face fuck you! 5) Do these things and hes yours for life!!!!!!!!!!😇

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