• Before you can determain what your answer is you first have to know what your looking for. Now I know you might think i'm crazy, but you will not just be looking at the equation a= (vf - vi)/t But someimes you'll have to find the Vf an Time. so first formula It is Acceleration= Final Velocity - initial velocity _________________________________ Time Example: As a shuttle bus comes to a normal stop, it slows from 9.00m/s to 0.00m/s in 5.00s. Find the average acceleration of the bus. First we plug in what we have Vf= 0.00 m/s Vo= 9.00 m/s Time= 5.00s A=? 0.00 m/s - 9.00 m/s _____________________ = - 1.8 m/s^2 5.00s
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