• Things I look for in a Hotel. CLEANLINESS. Price. Comfort. Organization. In a good spot. Near alot of things? Noise level. Etc. ~+~
  • A bad hotel is first and foremost dangerous .. location, location, location. Right up there with dangerous is dirty and bugs are straight out! I also can't stand hotels that have sealed windows. I have to have a source of fresh air.
  • I had reservations at a hotel last weekend. We drove up and saw a stained mattress outside one of the rooms, we drove away and found a different hotel to stay in. otel have to look clean and safe for me to stay there w/ my kids.
  • Dirty sheets and a bathroom floor filled with molds. Two years ago we stayed in a hotel that had those :(
  • Arm missing on a chair, bugs in bathroom, broken windowdirty, spring poking thru mattress. I've had all of these things between two bad motels.

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