• You should feel like you have done the right thing. Being a boss, sometimes you have to do the bad looking things but they are not bad at all. It is not fair to the company or the other workers when someone isn't pulling their own weight.
  • You should feel relieved. It sounds like the person you let go wasn't living up to the contract/agreement that they entered into with you/your firm. You feel bad because you are mixing up the person and the worker - the person needs income, but the worker wasn't up to scratch. You didn't let the person go, you freed the worker to find a job they are more suited to. As a manager, you have to stay focused on the work and not on the personal lives of your employees. If they have chosen a job they are not suited for, it's their responsibility to sort that out, not yours. It can be difficult for a caring person to keep that boundary, but you have to do it.
  • Firing someone is never easy, but it goes with being a manager. What you have done is protected your own income and the income of those around you. Good call.

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