• A break-up is usually a permanent seperation, whereas a seperation is usually a temporary break.
  • essentially no, however separation sounds more amicable to me!
  • i believe that a separation is a mutual event, while a break up is more of a one sided perspective. picture a bowl of red and green m&m,s, you can put the red m&m,s in one pile and put the green m&m,s in another pile and you,ve seperated them. on the other hand you can take the red m&m,s and put them in a pile, then take the green m&m,s and throw them away. now you,ve broken the bowl.
  • A breakup is an event; a separation is a status. -------- Speaking of romantic relationships, a breakup is the end of the relationship. A breakup is generally a moment in time; before it, people are still in a relationship, afterwards, they are no more in a relationship. In the context of relationships, a separation could be a temporary split happening for various reasons. For instance, one of the partner has a specific reason to go somewhere else, like a business trip, But it could also be a choice to take some distance to reconsider the relationship - or even to try something else. In a marriage, it could be the choice to live separately but to stay married. ---- Further information: ---- ------

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