• Ask her to wear those ugly things for a few days. See if she likes it. :)
  • Buy ur own underwear- she cant possibly understand the restraint and confinement.
  • Oh no, have to draw that line somewhere, dude, or she'll be buying a ring to put through your nose next. Better stand up for yourself now, nobody likes a whimpy man for long.
  • tell her you don't like wearing them, you friends need to breathe!
  • buy her granny panties if she's use to wearing bikini underwear or buy her thongs & hide her other underwear & see how she likes it,lol.
  • Whitie Tightie's are not healthy, go back to boxers or commando.
  • tell her they're too tight and that mr.dick needs some releif, then make her take it out and umhmmmm! :) you can even punish her after she takes it out, you know.. for the tighty whities
  • I like the support but if you like them slipping down your pantleg or out of your shorts then draw the line! Put you foot down! Tell her that you will not stand there and let her make those kinds of decisions. Tell her that you want to make the decisions regarding your own balls, Man! Holler, "FREEDOM!". I like to know where I can find them but we're all individuals. Good luck with your balls, Dude!
  • Why do you let her? I have been married for 28 years, and my husband has the right to buy his own clothing, as do I, especially when it comes to underwear. This is not a good pattern for the future. Being a couple does not mean you have to have your underwear decided for.
  • Even my 13 year old doesn't wear tighty whities anymore. But maybe she buys them because she thinks you're hot in them. Ask her about it and try to come up with a compromise. OR you can see that she is possibly a very controlling person who is trying to change you into what she thinks is the way her man should look, not love you for who you are. Makes me wonder what else she has tried to change about you other then appearance? How many friends have you dropped because of her?
  • Just tell her the truth, man. I don't like grape smugglers either, so I know how you feel about those damn things!
  • umm... well tell her you dont want them.. and tell her to buy boxers for you.. she should understand! change her underware up see how shee feels. lol
  • Grow some balls and tell her what you want.
  • I guess there not that bad I've been wearing them for a week and im getting used to them but i still dont think its cool
  • Enjoy it. If she thinks they're sexy, who are you to argue?
  • you do not tell her she needs to wear the Granny panties so let her know that your keeping a few tighty whiteys for her at night but you would rather wear boxer shorts as your everyday underware and no thongs curtdude
  • look friend there is nothing wrong with wearing breifs just enjoy them give her a show spice up your sex life
  • Don't down briefs, they are awesome!
  • If she's like this already, what's she going to be like when you're married? Controlling people often get worse, and men aren't the only ones who can be abusive and controlling. I had a mother-in-law who often did things you might consider nice, buying things for people and making meals etc, but it all added up to her making the choices for everyone. You need to sit your fiancee down and tell her what YOU like and make it clear that just because she's part of your life, doesn't mean she makes all the choices for you both now - it's an equal relationship.
  • just tell her no effin' way are you wearing those........why would any woman do that to a man anyway without first asking??????? she sounds a LITTLE inconsiderate to me!!!!!! put her in her place........but be nice!!!

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