• Winter clothes during the summer, yes. Summer clothes during the winter? Nope. Wear THEM at home.
  • i wear flannel underwear year round
  • I wear the same clothes all year-round. I used to run around half naked in summers but now i live in the country. For the last 6 years, every summer, i run into at least 1 gigantic yellow jacket nest. Clothes help cut down on how many stings i get while running to the house.
  • Same all year round since it never gets that hot here.
  • I wear some of the wardrobe all year long. I do pack up my sweaters in the summer.
  • I wear basically the same stuff all year round. I work with horses so the jeans/cowboy boots combo is year round. Then it's just a combination of t-shirts and sweatshirts for the most part, lol.
  • G'day Orderandlaw. Thank you for your question. I pack up my jumpers and jackets during the summertime and wear them during wintertime. I wear shorts at home during summer and long trousers for most of the year. Regards
  • I pack up my winter clothes (sweaters and sweatshirts) during the summer because they take up so much room in my closet. But I usually don't pack up my summer clothes in the winter.
  • All my clothes stay out year round. I'll wear my summershirts in the winter with layers. I won't wear sweaters in the summer, but on colder days I'll wear sweatshirts. Pants are year round.
  • Our seasons don't show much variation.Though we have summer and winter and no autumn or spring, we don't use winter specific clothes.It IS bearable here:)
  • Mine is pretty much the same, but I will be packing up the kids winter clothes this week. I have a boring wardrobe and it serves me well year round.
  • I have a summer closet and a winter closet. Winter I use pretty much only December, January and February. I don't like heavy bulky clothing and can't wait for March.
  • I live in is all about layers.....start summer topped by winter....ya never know from one hour to the next...or minute for matter....
  • I do not wear a wardrobe ever.
  • I put them in a closet for their off-season.
  • 1-24-2017 I wear tee shirt and short pants in summer, and I switch to tee shirt and long pants in winter. Winter lasts from mid-December to mid-January. In late January we get high winds, but temperatures are still 60-70F. When I was in school, the English teacher griped all the time about this wacky place where you don't need a coat until March and then you only wear it inside. (Because you have to run the fan, but the ac doesn't have enough smarts to stop cooling.)

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