• Technically, yes, but it can be used for good.
  • being too jealous is terrible. not being jealous at all MAY make the person think you don't care about them. it depends on the person really.
  • It really depends on the situation that you are in. There are times when people get jealous when its not even necessary, and there are times when you have to get jealous just because you are human.
  • Be it wrong, or be it right, what do you get out of feeling jealous? I get nothing but a stomach ache, so I decided not to get jealous. That was the most liberating decision I ever made!!:-)
  • Jealousy is a raw emotion, it comes natural. Not being able to control it makes it a poison.
  • Its not a nice feeling but im afraid its human nature
  • If it makes the other person uncomfortable and destroys the trust between two people, yes.
  • Yep because I think it blinds you to seeing what truly is happening around you. It makes a person privy to making bad decisions.
  • only when you start to hold it against somebody for having what you want and it's destroying your relationship w that person
  • I think that jealousy is too often born out of a desire of ownership. Ownership is (in my opinion) a necessary illusion. We come in with nothing and we'll take nothing with us. All that is to say that I think jealousy (like most things) is only healthy in moderation. It is a dangerous thing, but in the right situation and ammounts it is exactly what is needed.
  • Jealousy…. Its part of human nature to a certain degree, but for some ppl it can get out of control in many aspects. I don’t jealous anyone; I learn from them.
  • No we all are like in someway
  • I think it is. It's something we all have trouble with. Maybe if we learn to love people more we could be more genuinely happy for the good that comes their way.
  • I don't know that you can call any emotion good or bad. We all experience emotions that we really can't control. It is what we do with those feelings that matters. When you are jealous of a friend's accomplishments, do you allow that to fester and cause bitterness? Or does their success inspire you to work harder so you can achieve success of your own? If we can all learn to channel our feelings into positive action, regardless of what those feelings are, then it's all good.
  • I don't know, fom what I've heard some girls actually like it when a guy is a little jealous. Depends on how jealous and in what situation.
  • Jealousy can be unhealthy or healthy, depending on your motivation. Unhealthy jealousy stems from fear, insecurity, deception, or covetousness. When you feel yourself acting out in jealousy, you need to examine the reason why you feel jealous.
  • Jealousy comes with egoism - you want something that someone else have and you can't be happy for him/her having it. It's nothing wrong with being jealous (this is just a feeling that tells you what you want/need) as long as you know how to handle it - just think about what you need to do to have the same thing (I don't talk about stealing) and work your way to that point. GL! ;D
  • Often we think that what causes jealousy is triggered by external factors. This is a popular mistake. Whilst we are all of course affected one way or another by what we see and hear, the root cause of jealousy is always internal, 100% of the time.
  • Well, it's pretty stupid. You got it or you don't and if you don't, might as well get used to it.
  • Not at all, but dont wish anything bad upon someone else.
  • Jealousy seems to be a natural emotion, Even my cat gets jealous of my dog and my dog of my cat. It does seem like a terrible waste of energy to me though. I never get jealous

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