• Any rice dish has to have mushrooms in it, that`s a given. Avocado is good too, with beef, green pepper, maybe some onion. That`s just to start, add more if you feel like it.
  • Milk and sugar...i only ever make rice pud sorry:-)
  • meat(chicken, beef or pork) cut up veggies or frozen veggies, scarmble egg is even good, even melted cheese is can put almost anything in rice because it's pretty bland
  • I always cook my rice in either chicken or beef stock.
  • Chop some green peppers, onions and cilantro, mix in some browned beef cut to bite sized, pea pods and a bottle of peanut sauce. Delicious!!!
  • OH gee, too many to list. First off, I don't always use water, sometimes I'll use coconut milk or orange juice, broth, carrot juice. As to want to put in it, the sky's the limit. I love pineapple garlic and mushrooms. Or Asian greens and nuts. Or tomatoes, peppers, and squash. Just spices and nuts are pretty good, too. How about BBQ sauce or tomato sauce and caramelized onions? Or lemon zest and juice with pepper and coriander? Fried rice is good, too if you have cold day old rice, with onion, carrots, peas, garlic, scrambled egg, maybe some shrimp.
  • LOL thanks! It seems to be a great website
  • Depends on the dish, the list can grow to make even a new webpage. South Indian dishes use rice as the main ingredient and we have n-number of different dishes.
  • I make my rice dishes with butter..sometimes put dried mint in it (Armenians use dried mint a lot)..sometimes put some cumin(we also use a lot of cumin) in it..might add some kind of beans to increase the protein and also make the food more nutrient dense (combining rice and beans makes a complete protein)..we love garbanzo beans, so that is a nice addition. Occasionally I add chopped veggies to it..looks pretty and its a good way to use up leftover steamed veggies. Jim loves fried rice, so sometimes after the rice is cooked I put it in another pan, melt some butter, and crisp it up! :) Happy Sunday, m'dearie dear! :) ((hugs))
  • BUTTER! (actually Vegatable spread) But I have to have it in my rice.. I simply love rice. Maybe just a sprinkle of salt.. but just a pinch. One dish I often make is White rice w/butter, and chicken sauteed in garlic oil and terriyaki sauce, with steamed veggies thrown in the mix. (I stole the idea from a Japanese resturante I frequent in the Mall.)
  • This is easy and cheap, my family loves it. You boil your chicken and pick it apart, I use boneless chicken breast, in the microwave cook 2 bags of any brand chicken and broccoli rice, add the chicken to the rice, add some velveta cheese and some steamed broccoli cuts, mix all together well and spread into a casserole dish, top with shredded cheese, bake at 350 till bubbly ... The amounts of ingredients depend on how much you want to make =] Yummy!
  • One of my favorite breakfast (and supper!) recipes is aptly named "rice and raisins". Put raw rice, a handful of raisins, water, and salt into the pot and cook as normal. Serve it in a bowl with milk and sugar. Also tastes good with sweet spices (ground ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, etc) or with citrus zest.
  • I have so many answers to this one....but try risotto, paella, or fried! Go to my blog for rice recipes.
  • Butter, salt...rice starts out by being pretty bland so it is really just the texture. You can make it with saffron, peas, carrots, curry powder, nutmeg, paprika, white pepper...not all together of course. Some people like to put nuts like pistachio or cashews..or dried fruit, like cherries or cranberries. The possibilities are endless.
  • A bit of butter and a tablespoon of milk.
  • ooooooo my goodness: !!!Mental Mom!!!! check this out: I don't always make my rice like this, and you will see why..(calories, fat and cholesterol) but sometimes as a special treat, or to show off to guests, I will take the rice I always use, and the cooking directions I always use, but do this: after measuring out my rice, I put it in the pan with 1/3 cup oil (of your choice) and 1/2 stick of butter, and I saute it in the oil until it becomes slightly browned. Then I add the usual amount of liquid (use stock, not water) and then cook according to directions. It comes out all toasty and rich and ohhhhh so delicious!!
  • Try chicken stock, it's tasty and add your favourite stirfry veges with diced chicken or pork it's yummy.
  • For delicious rice dishes check out
  • Soy sauce.
  • There's going to be vegetables since I am vegetarian. I love Asian fried rice recipes

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