• That really depends on your own study methods. If you tend to procrastinate, online classes are a bad idea. If you learn better studying on your own than having someone teach you, then go for it. If you find it helpful to be taught new concepts rather than figuring them out yourself, then online isn't the greatest idea. Online is also not so great if you don't enjoy reading, because most of your learning is from the book. As far as the qualitiy of the class itself, online is just fine for most things.
  • I don't have any faith in them. Face to face instruction is crucial becasue the student has the opportunity to have a meaningful dialog with the teacher plus the teacher can use other mediums to convey the lesson. It is also an added benefit to interact with your classmates and discuss whatever issues that may arise whereas online it's just chatting and you may not get the answer you want when you need it and it is uncertain whether your professor is knowledgeable or not. When we listen to someone teach, we also ingest a part of their persona as it is incorporated with the lesson.
  • For most people, not really.
  • Not in my experience. I have taken both, and I honestly didn't get as much out of the online class.
  • I think the academic side is, but not if hands-on is needed. Some people like to have someone tell them what is in a book and explain it more thoroughly. +4

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