• Sanquangi: Have you ever considered asking questions that aren't going to enflame half the users on the site? :)
  • No, never.
  • Um, no.
  • No, not as yet. It would be amazingly hilarious if I ever was, though. I'd be so flattered I don't think I would really know what to say.
  • LOL! I was once! I was at a bar with some friends, and I had rode with them, and another friend was meeting me there with my car. She wasn't always the most reliable person and she was pretty late and I was getting concerned and I went to stand outside to watch down the road. The owner of the bar came outside and told me she didn't want "my kind" hanging around her establishment! She wasn't believing that I was looking for a friend with my car until one of my other friends came out and asked if she'd gotten there yet!
  • Yes, I worked with an old guy who didn't seem to understand what being married is. He gave me his address and kept telling me "i like you".
  • I've been mistaken for a kerbcrawler. In our younger days, my eventually-to-become-missus and I were having a squabble in the car in a dodgy part of town. She demanded I stop the car and let her walk home so I did. Red cloud leaving my eyes I realised that this was not a good place for her to be walking at night, so I slowly turned the car round and cruised up beside here, ready to eat humble pie to get her back in the car. Cue blue lights and an uncomfortable interview because she kept walking!
  • Yes, when my sister and I were teenagers we were standing in front of a restaurant in New York City waiting for my father who had gone inside to make a phone call. This guy approached us and it was obvious he thought we were young hookers. He didn't believe we were really waiting for our father inside. He said "Yeah right, your 'father'". It was kind of creepy.
  • I'm pretty sure I haven't been mistaken for one.
  • Only once. My husband went out to inspect a bridge and I went with him. While he was busy doing what he had to do I got out and went walking around and was leaning up against one of the buildings lighting up a cigarette when 4 construction workers came up and asked "How much?" They must have been new hires because everyone knows my husband and knows I said,"Stay right here I'll go ask <husbands name> what he thinks I'm worth.
  • yes for what reason i don't know maybe, because it was late and i was coming home from work so if you are out late you are considered a hooker.
  • No. If a person is mistaken for a prostitute; I wonder why?
  • Oh yeah. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • Yes, at least twice. Once when I went to join Hubby at his convention, after I was out shopping in a very trendy, tight outfit. I asked at the hotel desk which room the meeting was at, because I was supposed to meet someone there. The desk clerk said we don't allow that sort of thing here. When I said I'm meeting Hubby, he said "yeah, right". The other time, I was walking from a hotel to a costume contest, in a very "theatrical" costume, and a cop pulled over to talk to me. Luckily, I was with friends. This picture was taken around that time:
  • yes, i was working in a nightclub as a podium dancer and a couple of times men have approached me and asked how much.
  • Oh yeah. A few times. The most memorable time was when I was a teenager in a big city in the wrong side of town and a couple hookers thought I was one and butting in on their territory. They were big and I was small and innocent and I had to run or they would have kidded the crap out of me. Scary.
  • Yeah, when I was in my early 20s. Sometimes I'd wear really skimpy clothing.
  • Actually yeah, a few times maily because i would walk around a lot during the night and i lived within walking distance of the clubs, i would go out and watch the people let out of the club standing posted up against the stop sign. At least 4 guys offered me money that night. (made me a lil extra money) ;]<---im soo joking.
  • I often waited for the bus at night when coming home from my friend's house (as a teen), and men would think I wasn't waiting for the bus, regardless of what I was wearing. It was scary at times but hey, I didn't have a car.
  • Every night when I'm hanging on the street corner !!
  • not yet since i dont dress like that

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