• Some schools will only allow the party and no Valentines, but most tell you, you have to give every child one, in your class, not just whoever, you want.
  • Never come across anything like that in the schools here.
  • Where I live, kids still exchange Valentines in school. As I remember, exchanging Valentines in school did have its drawbacks. Some kids would deliberately not give Valentines to a select few because they wanted to make a few of their classmates feel bad about themselves. I often wonder if these mean-spirited children continued to act in this negative way when they later became adults.
  • The schools in my area still do that kind of nonsense. I have always thought it was rotten. Valentines card and flowers in these schools. They also still pick teams in sports instead of just dividing the students.
  • That was my story also....I came away feeling bad about myself. Didn't help the lack of self esteem issues I already had. Don't know why they continue to do that in schools...why not just a party?
  • It was not done that way when I went to school. We would decorate a small paper bag, such as a lunch bag, put our name on it and bring it to school on Valentine's day. These were placed on a large table when we first got there. People would just drop their valentines into the into the bags. After the party everyone would pick up their bags. It was not required, but it was expected that the students give everyone in class a valentine so a few days before Valentine's day the teacher would give each student a list of everyone in class. Like we didn't know their it was a subtle reminder NOT to leave anyone out. And if someone did leave anyone out, the whole class didn't know about it.
  • No, and I've worked in schools and have never seen such!

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