• Was is pronounced "Rub-inosis"? Heavy on the rub part? If so I think you are looking at a made up word - basically somebody may have been saying that the eye was irritated by too much rubbing. If it was overheard it probably wasn't a nice thing either. I can not think of any real medical term that this could be. Gives a fairly complete list of eye conditions/diseases - you will find there is none that starts with an 'R'. None that even sound close to 'rubinosis'. Granted there may be a longer list of specific eye issues. Hospital should have given you a printout with the diagnosis prognosis and treatment plan - on that sheet you should find the technical term for the condition your son has. Common ailments of the eye that are treated with drops would be pink-eye (Conjunctivitis): there are various causes and each cause would result in a different treatment. I will assume Conjunctivitis from irritation - mostly from rubbing the eye (ergo the term rubinosis) gives more. Such as why they only give drops for viral pink-eye to sooth the irritation and not treat it. Pink eye is very, very common in children. Another way to go is to look up the medication's name on the net - you get a fairly good list of uses for the medication - in some cases a list of specific ailments.
  • Rubeosis iridis is a medical condition of the iris of the eye in which new abnormal blood vessels (i.e. neovascularization) are found on the surface of the iris. Good luck and I hope this helps.

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