• morally you should go to the classes, just because the courts haven't caught up with you, it important to understand the impact that drink driving can have on other lives. I am sure that you are a nice enough person, and many people that I know drink and drive, they feel that as we live in the countryside it is acceptable. Besides if you have gone to the classes before you were forced then surely it must reflect on you in a good light
  • I don't know what classes you mean - if you are referring to the "first offender" program, you may be required by the DMV to go anyway to keep/get back your license, so it may not be wasted time on your part. If charges are filed against you, you'll have to attend the classes anyway, and you and/or your attorney may convince the court to give you credit for what you've already done. As far as the statute of limitations - if it is a misdemeanor DUI, yes, they prosecuting agency has up to one year to file charges.
  • Here in Maine if you take the classes, give up your license for 90 days, you get the first one w/o charges. You are right the prosecutor can indict for one year, BUT the Grand Jury can indict for one year from the day they first meet after the DUI incident. As for taking the classes, unless you are mandated to go, they are fairly worthless.

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