• You should see what I see everyday. I work right by the Nintendo Store in NYC... every morning at 8:30 ish there is a line of at least 60 people waiting to get one. If she really wanted one, it probably was worth it... Did you get the job???
  • Yes, it's worth it.
  • Yes. Very much so.
  • Oh yes! Them things are fun!
  • Hmm...hard to say. The Wii shortage is expected to end very soon...something to do with Euro's, so if she waited a little longer she could've gotten it cheaper and at the store.
  • That sounds about right Jenna. Pretty pricey, huh? I remember I bought a new Wii for my nephew last year and it cost about the same. There were only two left in the store and they wouldn't hold it for me, so I rushed there to get it. Bought it at Best Buy.
  • That sounds like a good deal.
  • The only good deal is the one your happy with, the value of something depends on how much the purchaser is willing to pay.
  • My though is that only a hardcore gamer spends that kind of moola on a game console. I'm not a gamer and of course its not worth it.:-)
  • When i found our wee at the store it was a package deal, the entire package purchased was a Wii, a wireless sensor bar, (crap), an extra controller, Wii play (with a controller), AV/S Cables and 2 nunchucks, namco rexix (crap), wii sports, and super mario galaxy... After playing, we resold super mario galaxy for 30 dollars after playing it for a while, so the total cost for all that was about 500 dollars... if she payed only for a wii.. then i would say 400 is to much... I bought mine at fri's electronics in Sacramento, CA
  • I got mine, plus a game, for I think around $300. Without the game, it was $250.
  • Honestly, I would say that it depends on how much time will be spent on the Wii. The real ? is will it be worth it for you in the long run, if you have family that can play it too, and you have lots of fun making memories then, it could be like the credit card commercial and become priceless.
  • Well, I didn't pay that much for mine & I got 2 controllers and an extra game disc(besides the one that come with it) We are loving ours. My husband and I have bowling, and golf tournaments every week. I have the high game of 255 to his 239 so far.(bowling) He beats me at golf. I say If you are in debt over the $400, then you paid too much; if you're not, and your happy with the games, then good for you. ENJOY.
  • A Wii normally retail for ~$250 but supplies are still low. With the holiday season coming up, getting a Wii will still be a little bit difficult even though the system has been out for 2 years. $400 for a Wii is worth it if she has the money, she can not find a Wii for any less in her area, and if she or the person she is buying it for really wants it.
  • Yes its too much. I work at Gamestop and we still have about 5 Wiis from last week in the back room. (We recieved a shipment of about 20 for thanksgiving) We even have a sign on the door that says "Wii's in stock". We sell them for about 250. Just call Gamestops everyday and ask if they got any, we've been getting the shipments in all the time recently.
  • Here in SC they are selling them at Gamestop and Walmart and Kmarts for $249.00, so yes that is too much.
  • If it was just a wii, then no. If it was a bundle with several other items, yes.
  • Last year I paid $300 Cdn and they should only have come down in price since then. That seems like too much.
  • considering how nintendo has been ignoring all pleas for quality games and just shiping out minigame packs through third party developers, I'd say no for right now, but if she gets some of the games that came out when it was first realeased like twilight princess, than yes
  • Your aunt payed a very unfair amount for it. Next time, I suggest using I got a used Wii that works just fine and only cost 210$.
  • It might be worth it to her, to not have to keep going into stores and asking if it's in stock only to be told yet again that she's just too late.
  • I bought a wii w/a game & controller for $250 before christmas & I think that was a very fair price...having said that, my family looooves the wii & we play it together all the time!
  • It wasn't worth it because when i got my Wii on the second day it came out it was only $150.00 if you ordered it, it was probably from one of those cheap ebay or amazon guys who sell things for double how much it is so pretty much, it wasn't worth it
  • it's too much because i have seen many that are only around $200 that were brand new
  • no way is it worth that much! maybe if it had come with some games, but noo. you're lucky you got that much :)
  • Wow, I just bought a ps3 80gb off ebay for 330... yeah I think thats a little pricey, but doesn't it come with a basic pack and pack with wiifii or something.
  • Hell no its not worth it unless she rlly wanted it

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