• Is it a will SHE created, or one you did, and want her to sign? If she took the time and expense to get one made, she should sign it. If someone else did, then I would offer to pay to have HER do one, to her wishes.
  • Get a neutral source to coax her. Either bring in an attorney, of have a friend her age tell her about all the heartache s/he went through in probate when her spouse or parent didn't have a will. She's tuning you out, so you need to get a different broadcast started. I know she may be one of those people who think, "Once I sign these things, I may as well be dead." However, such preparation is VITAL to those who you will leave behind. Best of luck! +2
  • Ask her to go to a lawyer appt with an attorney specializing in elder care and have him or her explain the benefits. One would be someone to make health or medical decisions if she has a stroke or a car accident etc.
  • not much you can do about it
  • She's getting her revenge after the years of trouble you put her through.
  • If she's mentally intact then you need to stop trying to force her to do what YOU want! Whatever it is its NOT YOURS, its HERS!
  • if its not her will how insulting to her ...just leave her be ..
  • Sounds to me like she don't trust you not to stick her in a cheapo elder care facility, sell her crap, and pocket the difference. Probably been gossiping with them at the senior center, and hearing how their kids acted.
  • Just be sure to get the living will or medical power of attorney signed. The rest is just money.
  • If she is mentally lucid, then leave her alone. Stop trying to force her to do something against her will. You sound like an overbearing, controlling, greedy Republican, and she probably hates that kind of thing.

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