• No, for it has only got us WORSE, and WORSE, and WORSE off as a nation.
  • Too many people attempt a higher education even though they shouldn't go to college (university).
  • regarless of how bad education has gotten. education, is the easiest and best way to get ahead. otherwise, you have to be brilliant, street smart, lucky, and work ten times as hard as an educated person to be successful. stick with the herd, is a generality of life. uneducated folks work at mcdonalds. folks with certifications, college, degrees, mbas, or phds usually make $100s of thousands of dollars,...but not always. even a 3rd grade education can be successful..but get ready for the school of hard knocks.
  • To some extent.All education and no "put in to usage" of all that you've learnt is a waste again.
  • Education is important... But lets not forget that the system is dependant on 80% of people failing or not doing as well as they could have in school... if everyone went on to higher education, there would be nobody to fill in the worse jobs! and nobody to serve us our mcdonalds
  • as long as they teach business/entepenerism
  • depends on what the question is!?
  • Education in the hands of those who can use it can be a great thing. Forcing people who can't learn to get an eduation is a waste of time. College should be available to everyone who has the capacity and desire to use it. Like people have said here before, we still need Janitors, McDonalds workers, and churchgoers, and those people tend to do thier job best when not burdened by education.
  • Education helps. Eventually someone needs to do.
  • Only if knowledge, knowledge, knowledge is desirable?! ;-)
  • Of course it is. If more people in America were educated, Obama would not be the president.
  • depends on the question! life experience also must come into it!?
  • wELL IT'S A DAMN GOOD ANSWER but it depends on what the question is. Before education gonna do much you need a few foundatins - including but not limited to discipline
  • Yes, education is a key to a success for many.
  • Like the others said, it depends on the question - but yup, you can never over-estimate the importance of education.
  • in my opinion i think education is fundamental for sciety to develop further because without the younger generation being educated how will society in the future cope they'd be no doctors for instance..however education is not the most important thing in life, life is about living it to the max and making the most out of the time spent on this planet after all we dont live forever do we?! if education was the main thing then we'd all be stressed about exams etc which obviously cannot be a good thing if everyone is stressed can it? All hard work and no play can affect a persons social skills therefore i do believe the balance needs to be correct in order for people to go far in life... x
  • Yes, yes, and yes.

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