• Take her to the vet. There are a number of reasons she could be doing it. Is she overweight?
  • I'm not a vet, but I would *guess* that it's just a sign of older age. Cats and dogs wear out just like people and I think your cat is just tired more than when she was younger. I have to tell you that I have never heard a cat snore, though! That's wild! Hope she's okay!!
  • The majority of a cat's day is spent sleeping, perhaps you are just noticing this. Snoring, well.... my cats never snored.... you will want to have your cat checked out for any respiratory problems by a qualified veterinarian. In my case, my cat coughed a lot and he had asthma that went undiagnosed for years and then it was too late.
  • How can you tell a cat is sleeping more? Thats nearly all they do anyway. The snoring could mean an obstruction in her breathing and chronic low oxygen will make you tired. See a vet.
  • I wondered the same thing about my wife....wierd.
  • If they never did it before, I'd consult a vet just to make sure there were no problems. Have she gotten heavier (when I was overweight, I snored more, and louder)? Show any signs of difficulty breathing? It could very well be nothing at all. We have 5 cats, and at least 3 of them snore loud enough that we of them even even has a nose whistle when he sleeps. They get at least once a year exams at the vet, and they are healthy otherwise.

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