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  • NEVER! That is a disaster waiting to happen. Plus I wouldn't want to be labeled as a homewrecker or the "other" girl!
  • Well, I do go on dates with my OWN husband. :) My answer is NO. I would never disrespect someone else or myself in this way. It is potentially hurtful to so many people.
  • Not happened to me once..I found out after we'd had a couple of dates and read him the riot act..he slunk away into the night to go back under the rock from whence he is dishonorable to do shows a great lack of integrity, character and compassion. :(
  • A big resounding NO.
  • Assuming I am aware they are married, no never. I wouldn't want to contribute to someone's marriage failing, nor would I want to harm anyone knowingly (the wife), nor could I ever trust the man... Therefore, there would be no point to dating him anyway.
  • No. I think it is morally wrong and I have more self respect than to have to take someone else's in order to get mine. I would never want to be a factor in causing another woman such pain.
  • Nope not knowingly anyway. And if I did it unknowingly and found out somewhere down the road there would be hell to pay for lying to me lol. The only thing I believe is lower than a cheater is the person who allows themselves to get involved with a cheater knowing they are cheating or staying with a cheater after finding out they are a cheater. I don't care what excuses the cheater uses he/she doesn't understand me, he/she doesn't take care of my needs, it's basically over between him/her and me. Anyone who falls for one of those lines and allows themselves to be involved or stay involved with a cheating spouse is lower than the cheater in my book.
  • "Date"? No. I have, unfortunately, had a very brief physical relationship with a married woman, though. I'm not proud of it, and it's something I don't plan on repeating.
  • No, never! I am a firm believer in "doing unto others as I would like done unto me", and, I support my sistahs! Most importantly, I am not loyal to myself, if I were to be with a man who was already spoken for, and I am always true to me & thee!
  • No, I would have no respect for someone that would date while they were married, so why would I want to date them.
  • I dated a married lady once. I got a fist in the face for it. She said her husband was out of town. Except a knock on the door proved otherwise. "Honey, why is the door locked?" It was a set up. She wanted out of the relationship, but he wouldnt agree. She said he said he needed a reason. I was reason enough for him.
  • I doubt it. Single men are where it's at. I wouldn't date anyone other than my boyfriend at this point in life, though.
  • I never wanted another man's woman.
  • fuck no! thats an accident waiting to happen.
  • Never! I wouldn't want to do that to another woman (the suspicion, mistrust and self-doubt). There are plenty of single men out there, leave other women's men alone!
  • Sure. Non-monogamy is nature's way. Marital ownership of humans is just another facet of socio-religious brainwashing that has all you moral, invisible monster fearers, in slavery.
  • I did date someone who was married. But he was upfront with his wife(to a point) that if she didn't start putting out, he was going to go get it someplace out. They did end up getting divorced. She admitted she only loved him for his money, we dated for a couple years, and I don't know what he is doing now.I don't regret what we had. But I do miss it.
  • Closest I got to that was when I dated a woman who was seperated from her husband. They were officially divorced a few months later.
  • Excuse me big no. every girl wants to go down the aisle with a white dress her prince next to her, why should i go for a person who had their chance. if i go for a married man when will my moment be? And who wants to bring missery to other person's life contributing to heartache pain and suffering?
  • Depends what you mean by "date," dunnit? Going out for lunch, or even dinner and a movie, with a woman who is my friend, providing her husband knows and trusts both of us, seems a bit risky, but not verboten. But if "date" means a romantic encounter, even ruling out any sexual content, then no; it's a bad idea.

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