• Of course not. To whom would he report? Police? "This guy said he was gonna pirate games and he did not buy any from the store!" Bah. Don't worry about it.
  • No, you're fine. You're actually at a greater risk saying that you're going to pirate stuff on AB than in that store - but don't worry, you're fine here too.
  • they don't have access to your credit card info anyway - all but the last 4 digits come up as stars in their computers, else shops would be robbing the crap outta people all day long (even more so than they already do)
  • He can't do anything about it, even if he wanted to. We're talking about a cashier here, do you really think he cares? And besides, his behaviour, even if you are planning to pilfer your games, is pretty business like-just because someone buys a console and no games doesn't mean they're going to pirate everything. Damn consoles are expensive lol. XD But you're totally fine.
  • tbh with u he probably does the same thing as do most people nowwadays they wont trace you through ur credit card infact im pretty sure he forgot about it as soon as u walked out of the store so chill out n begin ur d/l lol ...oh n maybe next time jus a lil white lie might b safer.....just incase (Y)
  • hahaha paranoid, he most likely is doing the same thing.
  • Yes, their gonna come to your house with a ten man s.w.a.t. force. Nah, your good kid!

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