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  • I have in the past. When that happens, I get busy with other activities.
  • Before my Penalty Box sentence, yes! Whenever I was outside, I was more like THE TROLL than my real self. I even felt that going to the bank was a waste of my Answerbag time. Not anymore. That's actually crap thinking.
  • ME? NO! STUPID...OK YES...Yes, I do! I think about questions i've read and answered and questions i'm going to post but I dont think about whos on. It seems like all the people I talk to are always here.
  • No, since I do not ask many questions I have no reason to be thinking about AB. My work is a little too serious for me to be thinking about questions I have not yet seen. When I come on site I clear my feedback and then answer questions on and off while watching TV or reading.
  • Sometimes...rarely. I might at certain, slow times of the day, but usually I have pressing matters that I have to think/worry about that are directly in front of me.

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