• Congrats on your finishing high school. Live your dreams......but no co-signing if possible. Most stores, etc. will give a recent grad a break with credit. In that I mean to not try for a credit card. Build credit. Try hard to buy something on a ninety day note. Something small. Pay that off sooner than ninety days if possible. Then, do the same thing elsewhere. This is building credit. Never make minimum payments. You can do this. That's the way most people with their heads screwed on right start out. Good luck.
  • I've been applying for credit cards and things but that will not give me one. They always deny me. So if I wanted an apartment they wouldn't let me rent one if I had a job, with a co signer?
  • Renting an apartment with a cosigner is usually up to the individual rental agent. Some do and some don't. I suggest you contact rental agencies in the area you are looking at living in. Check the yellow pages under apartment rentals. Make some calls and ask what their policies are. Good Luck.
  • 2nd answer: if the previous answer does or cannot work for you, then you may have to ask your mother to co-sign. i say this with great reservations, for this reason....we co-signed our daughters first automobile. she did not make the payments as promised. we had to pay the balance owed on the vehicle. If your mom does co-sign for you, please follow through with your promise to pay and your promise to her. its not fair for the parents to pay for a co-signed loan of their children. especially, if your mother is not young. Not paying hurts everyone's credit rating. you and your mother. think before you ask her to co-sign. she will co-sign, simply because she is your mother. please do not take advantage of her. john
  • You will need someone that will guaranty that you will pay your rent on time.

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