• you may be causing the pain by worrying, the mind is a powerful thing. if you are concerned and don't want a pregnancy right now look into the morning after pill ot plan b, which ever it is called.
  • I am trying for a baby so not worrying just hoping! I'm not sure how long you have to wait until you can do a test, everything I read says different things.
  • What do you mean by you feel pregnant?
  • Can't explain it just feel different. Have bad lower abdomen pain for 3 days now, feels like a period pain but I am not due for 2 weeks. My breast's hurt and I feel really bloated :0(
  • The tests via blood specimen is just accurate and speedy twice early as one week as the urine tests be! Bless Prof.Mes
  • The majority of women ovulate 14 days befofe their period as your period is not for another 12 days you would have ovulated at the weekend. If you are pregnant you would not have any symptoms this early nor would you get a positive urine or blood test this early. If you are trying to concieve I would recommend getting some ovulation tests and getting to know your cycle. The very best of luck to you
  • go see your doctor and he'll let you know if youre pregnant or not

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