• G'day Billy Gee, Thank you for your question. It means that a formerly low cost area becomes more attractive to the middle classes or upper classes and thus more expensive. This often happens after an area becomes attractive to artists and other creative people. The original inhabitants are often forced out. Haight-Asbury in San Francisco, Bedford-Stuyvesant in New York City, Inman Park in Atlanta and Balmain and Paddington in Sydney are all examples of gentrification. I have attached sources for your reference. Regards Wikipedia Gentrification
  • The renewal, rebuilding and economic upswing of a previously poverty stricken area. The resulting influx of middle class or affluent persons displaces the poor.
  • It means when higher income people buy into a lower-cost neighborhood and remodel, making it a more desirable neighborhood for people wanting to own homes and increasing property values.

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