• Candle wax on the carpet isn't, strictly speaking, a stain, but it is related. A very good method of removing wax involves putting a paper towel (or coffee filter-type paper) over the spilled wax, and then putting a hot iron over the towel. The heat draws the wax up into the towel, which can then be discarded. The carpet beneath will be left wax-free and clean. This method also works a treat on getting wax out of clothing. Found this...i hope it helps
  • brown paper bag works great for the ironing trick. Classic. Will work best yeah, for dark colors or varied patterns - because what you can't see that usually remains is a bit of grease. You can easily get off any grease that is left after ironing by rubbing in a bit of borax (powder). Let sit, then wash. Works for my picky, perfectionistic self every time!! :) :)
  • soak the garnemt in more wax and make wicks out of it
  • Freeze it with ice cubes then it'll lift right off!
  • Iron over it with a paper towel to mop it up. It works really well.
  • Rub an ice cube over it until hard then peel off
  • 12-08-2016 Before you try anything else, freeze it. Wrinkle the fabric to break the wax and then shake or vacuum it off.

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