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  • Masterbation is good for your mental and physical wellbeing. Lack of sexual release could lead to physical or mental problems in the future, so feel free to love yourself.
  • It depends on how you do it. Some people die from it, they choke themselves to death.
  • Fuck Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feels Good To It!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Very good. It causes pleasure (pleasure is good for you). It also relieves stress.
  • Who cares ... even when peopled believed it would render them blind with hairy palms, it didn't seem to stop them ...
  • I think its very good .All my sisters masturbate and when I have kids I hope they will enjoy masturbation as well.
  • Scripturally speaking: A spiritually unhealthy habit, masturbation instills attitudes that foster self-centeredness and corrupt the mind. A masturbator may also grow to view others as mere sex objects
  • In my opinion it's something that's usually healthy and important but can easily become bad like if your doing it to much or doing it in inappropriate places, I recommend once or twice a day at most and once a week or once every two weeks, at least, do not completely abstain from it I believe that can lead to rape, if you feel like it's really affecting you in a bad way than quit until you feel better and start doing it again but this time not as much as before (try to find your healthy range that's what I mean).
  • Masturbating is healthy and normal for boys and girls

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