• My mom was married and divorced with 2 kids. She met my dad who also had two kids and by the time she was 39 she was married to my dad and just gave birth to me!! (they're divorced now...but hey I got what i got)
  • probably you know i got with a woman 15 years ago that had a three year old. I was leary at first of her "baggage" come to find out my relationship with the daughter is the most special one in my life. in fact the mom and me have been split for 4 years but the daughter (whose now 18) is flying in the afternoon to spend the rest of her spring break with me!!!! wooo hoo!!!
  • Absolutely you can! I met my husband of 18 years after ending a horrible relationship with the father of my first child. My only advice would be not to let too many "potentials" into the kids lives. When you know a guy will be around for awhile then let him meet your kids, and be apart of their life. Also, don't LOOK for a man, the best are always unexpected!
  • Hell yes it's possible. You are hardly unlovable just because you are in your 30s with two kids. I wouldn't worry about not finding someone if I were you. Don't feel like you have to settle for anybody either. You have a lot to offer, you remember that. The right person will come along, so be ready. Love always finds us when we least expect it to.
  • Yes, you can and will find someone to love...who loves you and your children. It happened to me and I have never been happier! I remarried at 42 and I now have the best life with my husband. Trust me. It will happen. :)
  • Hon! You're beautiful! You are posing the wrong question and need your brain rearranged to ask the right question: are any of those blobs out there worthy of YOU?
  • First of all, congrats on the upcoming birth of your daughter!!! :D Yes, not only is it possible, I believe you'll find your special someone when you are ready for a new relationship. You are a cutie! What guy wouldn't be thrilled to date you? When you meet YOUR perfect guy, he WILL accept your children. Best of luck...let us know when she's born! :D
  • Yes, yes and yes. Listen, get yourself out there and meet some guys. Many guys now a days are looking for experience gals and want to get beyond the whole mainstream dating ritual. There are social groups that fit your needs and not just to meet other married types. If that's what you want than that's another option. Don't sit back and watch other gals have fun. Talk to your kids and make some mutual time to get back out there. You'll feel like a whole new woman. Just be a lady and don't appear too eager.
  • 2-3 kids? You're not sure how many you have? Anyway, yes. It is possible to find a good man who will love you and accept your children. I found mine when I was close to 30. He's the best. You will find that special someone when you least expect it.
  • I would say its very probable. Some men are unable to father children so they are looking for a gal that already has children. YOU are not that old, you are as young as you feel. Good luck !!
  • Yes, you will. My sister did. She had her oldest son at 19 and second at 21. Years later when she reached her thirties, she met a man that not only loved her, but adopted my nephews and treats them like his own. There are good men out there who would find you desirable and still want to be a good stepfather to your kids.
  • you might find a wonderful,charming guy at a bar or a party.girl go hang out and yu'll find a guy
  • Yeah, you'll meet someone. Don't give up. There are some nice and responsible guys out there.
  • yes ...yes...yes!!, you will find a nice bloke who will treat you and your kids right and accept all of you as his own ... but the big question is ... will your kids accept him and thats the real kicker
  • Yes it is. But is your husband so bad that you can't improve your marriage? Are sure that having such a full life (2-3 kids which require lot of work and worries) at only 30 years is not the reason of your unhappiness?
  • But of course! There's someone for everyone, but the catch is: you've got to keep on keeping on!!! How much fish would a fisherman catch--if he stopped fishing each time he didn't get a "bite?" Just hang in there. You'll find someone! Trust me. ;)
  • Yes I do think it is very possible. You will probably find much of the goods in market are a gently used or factory seconds but there are plenty of good men available. I am re-entering the dating world at 44 and I assume that my next girlfriend will be a parent.
  • I would'nt see anything wrong with doing that. The main obstacles are the mom allowing me to act the role of father, including the right to say no, interaction with ex-dad, and the things we ahve in common plus the compromises we agree to make and keep. It could be good,especially if the guy has already raised kids. Unfortunately single moms usually look for the same type of rotter they were attracted to in the first place. There are literally Thousands of men thier age who would worship the ground they walk on, but the find them 1. boring 2. too nice I can't get over that. I drove a guy from Ft Dix to Mt Joy PA to meet a girl he was truly in love with, A full Captain in the Atmy with 12 years into his pension. Good looking. It was a 4 hr drive, I went along for moral support. We get there and she sends her dad to the door. I was furious so I went up and asked to speak to her. Shes says after a while "He's very nice but he doesn't excite me." He married a beautiful girl he met in England. She is exciting. MY Point,you thought I forgot it? Men don't have to be perfect in the bad boy looks dept to be good husbands.
  • certainly. I have a freind (who is an ABer) she is 35, has 3 kids AND a career. She just goit married 2 monthes ago. Just be VERY chosey in who you date. Dont settle for one nighters, dont settle for anything less than you deserve. Go talk to "ladyshakespeare"
  • Sure, it is possible. My ex has found love and she has our two sons.
  • Ya why not and dont lose faith we are out there just let it happen.Being with the wrong person sucks especially after 3 mos. your like f!@# why am I with you,you know.Dont lose hope theres good ones out there!
  • Why does he HAVE to be "nice-looking?" See, right there you've lost out on at least ONE potential "real love" (Well, actually I don't count because of the law FORBIDDING me to reproduce because of my "attractive-challenged" disposition!!!)--no telling how many others!!! "If you don't LOOK for much--don't EXPECT much"

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