• you have got to dig them out i think?
  • Soak them in a herbicide.
  • Check out Home Depot(home & garden department)or some place like that and explain your situation. They have stuff exactly for that purpose.
  • you can paint the stumps with something like turpintine or mineral spirits. or you can do what we did and just leave them alone for a few years and the stumps will rot, form a yucky fungi, and eventually deteriorate enough to plant grass in their place.
  • Home Depot has a liquid called Stump Killer. It works.
  • Hello! If they are bigger deciduous trees like oak, hickory, dogwood, ash, poplar, etc... They will not grow back. You need to do nothing. If they are viny trees, you can hit them with a little "Roundup" to keep new shoots from coming out. A really nice way to take care of stumps, is a stump grinder, which you can usually rent for about $100 per day. A 10" diameter stump will take about 10 minutes to grind, but there is no physical labor involved, and it makes mowing a lot easier without stumps to dodge.
  • Pour salt into the roots. Or get a root killer from the Garden centre.
  • 5-27-2017 Cut the stumps down to a level that will fit under a bucket or a washtub. Use a chainsaw to cut vertically down to ground level, two or four cross cuts. Pour a pound or so of Epsom salts into the cuts. Cover with the bucket. Leave it for a season, checking occasionally to see if it is degrading visibly. When it looks dry enough, pour lighter fluid into the cuts and burn it. If you have other wood nearby, be sure the embers can't fly around and make trouble. The big advantage with this method is that you don't kill anything that is not actually against the wood, and the ground is not poisoned at all. Also, it only takes a few months to work, instead of years.
  • Drill a hole down the center of the stump. Make sure that the hole is good size 2-3 inches wide and about 6-7 inches deep pour bleech in it a couple of times. Then let it die off and you can rip the stump out.
  • You don't need to as they will not grow back if you've cut them down enough.

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