• have you tried a heavier or lighter oil
  • I am having the exact same problem.........???
  • As the engine wears the bearing clearances become larger as do the clearances in the oil pump. Probably just wear over time. Remove the oil pressure sensor pickup and install a mechanical gauge and line. If the pressures read the same it may be time for a rebuild. 5psi is too low to properly lublicate the engine.
  • How many miles are on it? What is the viscosity of the oil you are running? I agree with Mechanic28 that it probably is just wear creating bigger clearances, but would do the check he recommends. Are there any service bulletins for low oil pressure on it? There is a chance going to a higher viscosity could get you by for a while.
  • micro electronics. The oil uses milli-ohms for measurement not old school pressure. have a mechainic with a clip on gauge check your pressure. It may only be a pinched wire to cause a millionth of a ohm differance to give a low reading.

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