• Congratulate them and have them wait until they are adults before letting my daughter marry him.
  • Hmmm. I'd suggest being encouraging, tell them its fantastic, how happy you are and then try and get them to wait a few years before doing anything drastic. My 20 year old told us his girl friend was pregnant. Both 19 at that point and he got thown out just after baby was born. My son is devastated. So, I'd suggested trying to ensure that they don't add a baby to the mix until they are older. Pregnancy advice - precautions on both sides may be good. Then again, my brother's best friends had their baby at 17 and they are still together 3 kids and living in a huge house in the South of France. I guess in the end, its not down to you but to them. And all you can do is support, guide and nudge. And be there to dust them down and pick them up - as you did when they fell and scrapped their knees. What does your heart tell you? That may be a better guide than me! Life doesnt get any simpler, does it? Good luck! Purplesusie
  • ive been there! and i just took it for what it was - 2 kids practising, after about a year it all just fizzled out?
  • Have them wait until they were both of age, or emancipate her. Depends on the kids really.
  • polish ol betsy and invite the perp for supper.
  • I would hope that my daughter's boyfriend would talk to me and my husband first and we could tell him how much we like him and would be glad to have him as a member of our family when the time is right but it should wait longer and there is plenty of time.
  • I would say no problem, after the two produced a High School Diploma and GED's would not be acceptable.
  • Be nice about it and tell them to wait until they had finished school and were both in gainful employment . Hoping in the meantime that they would either mature together and wait or it would run its course and they would grow apart.
  • flip out. Underage? HA! people shouldn't get engaged until they are actually ready to get married...getting engaged is the planing of the wedding not a ring for the girl to flash off or for them to sound more mature. You aren't ready to be married until each person can live on their own for over a year and provide for far as being underage you still have mommy and daddy wiping your ass so you have to concept of what real life the hell can an underage person know how to have the most important relationship of their entire life?? The statistics for divorce of people who get married under the age of 25 are astronomical...dont set yourself up
  • I don't like the idea of people getting married to young. I'd like for my daughter to get her degree, start making money and become self sufficient. She can have a relationship but why the need to get married so quickly?
  • Proposing and being engaged are a lot different than being married. I wouldn't be bothered much if it was a real long engagement and just see what happens. Of course you could suggest they go steady first, like we did when I was a kid.
  • G'day mirigotquestiond, Thank you for your question. I would wish them all the best and say that you would be happy for them to get married once they turn 18. I'd make sure that they were using effective contraceptions and I would sit down with them and his parents and discuss planning their future together ie jobs or university, accommodation etc. Regards
  • Um...does he have a job, a car, a future? Does she? Even if I liked him, I'd say hells no.
  • Tell them that after they both finish college, if they still feel the same way toward each other, they'll have your full support. way.
  • Tell him that, although I like him, and consider him a nice boy, that he should wait and ask again in a few years when she is of age.
  • Yeah, if he really loves her he'll wait.
  • Age does not mean you are ready to get married... You need to look and determine how mature, emotionally stable, fianacially secure they are... I would ask them to wait until they actually finish schooling (what ever level they aspire to) and have a chance to see what the world is really like. High school kids have no idea what is out there.
  • I'd ask them to wait until she was legal age and until they had a way of supporting themselves. There's no point rushing into marriage. They could of course have a long engagement.
  • So long as this is hypothetical (which is the general vibe I'm receiving)... I would tell my daughter about my past, because it's pretty pertinent. At 16 I thought I knew exactly who I wanted to marry. Now, at 18, I would never, ever, marry that man. And I have no clue who I want to marry, because I haven't yet fully matured. So I would tell her not to accept the ring just yet, to wait, and if he waits and really is the one, then that's wonderful. And if he doesn't, then of course someone better will come along.
  • let them get married know why make them wait give them your blessing and permission to get married know.
  • Let time take it's course. If it was meant to be, they will still be in love at whatever age in the future. Why do they need a marriage license to prove it?

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