• If you have windows xp, here is what you can do→ This is called a "system recovery" My windows XP, was already loaded on my computer, when I bought it. These instructions, will clean everything off of your hard drive, so you must back up anything that you want to save. I have done this three times, and I got these instructions, from a computer tech. When starting your computer, tap the F-10 key. click on next-yes-and follow the instructions, that come up on your screen. When you are finished, your computer, will look just like it did, when you first bought it. Do these steps, in order, when finished. 1. set up windows firewall 2. windows update (click express) 3. install your anti-virus program (update) 4. install anti-spyware (update) 5. Install service pack 2...Good Luck..
  • need to restore the factory setting for my acer laptop i did the alt+f10 but now its asking for a password what is the password
  • when the laptop is starting up click ctrl+alt+f10 and it should work
  • Have Got no answer but u just help solved my problem
  • I need to do excatly the same I need the password too. Help! Lol
  • 1 Ensure all Data is backed up, all data will be deleted. 2 Please also ensure that all USB storage devices are removed before starting the recovery process 3 Restart machine 4 When your unit switches back on, wait for the ACER screen then hold down alt & tap f10 repeatedly.. 5 Please wait a moment until prompted, -How would you like to restore?- 6 Please select –Restore system to factory default- 7 Enter your defined password or enter six zeros ‘000000’ 8 Click ok 9 Please wait until process completed, this will take 45min – 1hour ALL personal information on the C: Drive I.E photos, programs, music and documents will be wiped when the above steps are taken. Files located on the D: Drive will be safe from the procedure.
  • Try using your Admin Password or us 000000 (six zeros) this should work
  • When the computer is turning on and shows the fierst screen press ALT and F10 5 times until the screen changes to a dark screen annd the rest is up to you.
  • i have an acer aspire 1683WLMi can someone tell me how to reset it back to the origional factory setting as it was when i purchased it please

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