• yeah, and i think it's actually called "hoarding". I once saw this show on tv about it and there were all these people after ww1 and ww2 who hoarded because when they got something they felt that they needed to save it in case of war and also because they hadn't had much before so they save it.
  • Yes, 'hoarding' falls under OCD and is in fact a psychiatric diagnosis. Hoarding is just another form of OCD (obessesive compulsive disorder).
  • Yes,for sure..Im in the junk/antique business and have been in many houses where it is stacked wall to wall with just stuff like papers and junk mail and just garbage,but they think they will need it so wont let it go..all of the above answers are exactly right.
  • No, unless they do it to extreme. I like having the supplies and accessories I need to finish my projects without having to run off to the store all the time, and I have the space to store it properly. Just like any hobby, there is such a thing as excess.
  • I do that, and have way too much stuff, but it's all clean and well placed, which I attribute to a need to have things because I never really did before when I was younger. Might not be that at all though. Thing is I don't use half the things I own and am realizing how ridiculous all this hording is, as well as a waste of money. If anyone has any theories or even conclusions as to why someone may do this, I'd gladly appreciate to hear it.

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