• No Year to go on, but if it is "Electric Operated" check the Fuse or Breaker first then the wires to the Solenoid. Check for Power with test light/volt meter. If Power is there, check for Resistance in Solenoid. Try "Jumper" from Battery to activate. No Activation, Replace Solenoid. John
  • my truck did the same thing, it was just a washer in the differential came loose
  • Have you checked your battery and alternator?
  • I actually hit the motor with a rubber mallet turns out it was just sticking. Hopefully that helps for a while it did pop right in then. anyone know if you can spray some WD-40 somewhere on that motor to keep it from sticking. Guessing it is sticking because it is a little rusty from good old wis weather. It is a 1999.
  • I'm not sure of the system the Ranger has but if it's a push-button it could be that the switch is bad. Just bridge the connections at the switch to see if it kicks in. Other things may be corroded connections between the push-button switch and trans. If there is a soleniod of some type at the diferential or transmission that engages the 4-wheel drive it could be that it's gone bad.

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