• I stayed at home for a few years til my kids all started school. If you enjoy kids, try to get a job ina elementary school, it's a good place to start because they alwys need aids and assistance. Lunch monitors, clerical, etc. Schools also actually like people with some "life experience" under there belt. Try it out!!
  • The best choice will be something you really enjoy doing and would like to spend more time doing. It would also help to develop or refresh your skills by taking some classes at the local community college. An employment agency would be able to give you an aptitude test, to see what career would be a good fit. You can also find career tips and tests online.
  • Your skills are needed and people are looking for resposible adults to work!Take the leap.
  • My mother did it after raising 5 kids. She had no education to speak of and she got a job in a kitchen of a restaurant.She was there til she retired. Go for it. You'll feel good.
  • It all depends what you want to do or what you are good at. Did you work before you had the kids, if you did - do you want to go back to that line of work? What about trying something new? there are lots of courses available both online and at local colleges. Or you could try your local employment center.. good luck!
  • i would just do it, you'll get used to it
  • Depending on what kind of work you want to get into choose a class that will teach you something about that interest and renew your information and bring you up to date in that field. You can show your education on your resume. Choose a charity organization where your interest would be useful and volunteer. You can use volunteer work on your resume. This way you dont look 18 years behind the times. Take a couple computer classes so you are up to date on the technology. Try jobs thru a temp agency. This way you get a taste of what is going on in the business world. Quite often if a business likes your work and they have the budget they offer full time employment. Good luck!
  • Don't. Just start a home based business instead.
  • Start researching the subject/jobs you knew before having children.
  • Before you jump into a commitment to anything, I'd suggest finding someplace to do volunteer work until you are comfortable about being around people. It also gives you time to figure out exactly what you want to do.
  • Talk to everyone you know or come in contact with and let them know you are interested in returning to work.

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