• Keep in mind that "The only way to lose the fat that covers your abdominal area is through a healthy low-fat, reduced-calorie diet and regular aerobic exercise". Here is a link that should help:
  • I've gradually worked up to about 400 reps on my knees with occassional rests. I like to go through a deck of cards doing reps based on the cards that appear. This works well watching TV. After doing this, I'm definitely pumped in my triceps, forearms, abdominals, low back, lats, and upper back. It's an excellent exercise for core strength, and especially good for the abdominals. I haven't quite mastered it from a standing position. I find that I have to cheat a little to get up from my stomach if my legs are straight. Doing it from a standing position is the most intense abdominal exercise I've ever experienced. I'm determined to master it! It helps to use a wall so you don't go all the way down. I think people should be careful with the standing exercise to avoid injury. Doing it from the standing position is also good for stretching the hamstrings and back.
  • I don't see why other people are providing diet plans, different exercise ideas, how many repetitions to do when the Ab roller works the Abs.

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