• last week my sister got me a pair of skate sneakers from her trip to California and didn't payed anything but they cost 60 bucks i think.
  • 2 days ago, $375.....
  • Months ago. I don't need Michael Kors to sit around the house in ;)
  • I bought a pair of leather biker boots for $245.00.
  • About two months ago, had to pay 54.00 on sale. That was more than I wanted to pay.
  • Two years ago and I paid 39.99. I need my shoes to be comfortable and attractive. I'm conservative with my shoes. I love hushpuppies and ninewest. prefer pumps with 1 1/2 heels. No peak a poo toes. I keep my shoes forever. I have a great shoe repair guy. I wait for bargains and I buy in quantity. It's like binging and purging. I about to go on a binge any day now.
  • I bought a pair of Steve Madden dress shoes yesterday for $160.00. (Hi there stillme! I hope you're doing well. Take care, okay?) ((((hugs)))) :)
  • I just bought a new pair of New Balance sneakers. They were on sale for 49.99, and I have a family discout card because my mom used to work for Brown Shoe, after another 30%, I paid around $34 plus tax. And that's great for that brand (told you I was a bargain gal!).
  • I paid $50.00 for a pair of steel-toe work boots at Kmart. When? I think it was August 2006.
  • A few weeks ago, somewhere around $500
  • I got some shoes to drive in about 2 years ago at Wal-Mart for $7.50 on sale. I don't wear shoes most of the time, so I hardly ever have to buy any.
  • I just bought a pair of sneakers yesterday for $129
  • Last year - $1200 No... NOT fancy shoes... I'm diabetic and get ulcers... They're CUSTOM and are SUPPOSED to help keep the ulcers down. (I paid $180. Insurance covered the rest.)
  • 6 weeks ago $115 Vera Wang
  • About 3 months ago, I bought sneakers. I paid about 15 dollars for them at K-Mart
  • 2 weeks ago i think, i bought some slouchy, suede black boots from steve madden and they were $190-ish, i believe
  • I honestly have not bought shoes for myself in about 20 years. I ask for what I want for Christmas or birthday, but in the past have left it up to my exwife and now by g/f. They have done a better job than I probably could have. Why mess with perfection? I also have not purchased clothes for about the same amount of time. Don't know the exact price but I got about a $500 pair of wingtips last birthday and a $150 pair of running shoes last Christmas. Women just have better least that's why I tell my g/f she picked me:)
  • About...two months ago? I was walking to my house and D&G was having a sale. And then Hugo Boss had a massive sale as well, so I grabbed these ones. Apparently wingtips went out of style, so they're cheap. But they still look so cool. Edit: Damn AB is acting up and not liking my second picture, so you only get to see one of them. Pity..the second one was cooler
  • It's been years and I don't remember..probably about $20 or $30! My son gave me two pairs of Chacos about 3 years or so ago and that's what I wear most of the time, unless I'm barefoot or stockingfooted inside the house. I don't have a shoe fetish..the Chacos are comfy and suit me just can wear 'em with or without socks..they are waterproof..I like them far better than Birkies(which I think are overpriced and overhyped)! :)
  • I usually buy some twice a year, either to replace winter ones that won't make another year, or summer ones for a change. I think the last pair were boots for the winter.
  • I amazingly found a pair of J.C. Penny in-store brands (Northington's I think...) that everyone thinks are designers and I got for $19.00. They're BEAUTIFUL. I'M IN LOVE WITH THEM. They are bright, light grey, stiletto style, but with an open toe, they are slender and sexy, cheap, but not cheap looking...What more could a girl WANT?
  • Well, the last time I bought shoes for myself was about a year and a half ago. I bought some Franco Sarto boots, they were about $150 maybe a little less, because they were on sale. (Unless you count the flip flops I bought at Target for like $5 last summer as "shoes".) The last time I bought shoes though was about a month ago for my son. I paid something like $24 for the first pair and $10 for the second pair because they were buy one pair get the second pair 50% off. (Yes, I know 10 isn't 50% of 24, but the second pair was less expensive as they were different shoes.)
  • Last pair I bought was a pair of Dr. Martens. I think they were roughly $100. Well worth the investment.
  • I bought a pair of Harley-Davidson boots a few months ago. I swear by them. It's a good boot. Around $150.00.
  • I bought a new pair of boots a week ago. $45.

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