• My mom has to do that. If she skips out on a day then she has to eventually even up on her hours.
  • I would say being salaried and missing an hour or two is one thing, but a whole day you probably have to use a sick/personal day or make up some time.
  • A good company will allow you to make up that time. A bad employer will take 4 hours of Pto for that time. But if you work late they will not compensate you. A good employer will give you 1.5 hours off for every hour you work late.
  • I don't think so! When I was a salaried employee and had to miss a day of work they didn't require me to make up that time! Just like when I worked oh, say 10 hours of overtime in a week, they didn't pay me any extra. I'd check, maybe things have changed or it varies from company to company. Of course, I rarely missed a full day too.
  • If they push the issue,tell the boss you'll work thru your lunch hour for the next 8 days....
  • yes they can
  • I was salaried and they just took one of my PTO days to make up the difference. course, they did that even when you weren't salaried, IF you requested it.
  • Whether you have to make up for the day missed depends on your employer. Your employer may not pay you for the missed day.

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