• Just as there are laws in the physical, (the world we see), that say a one hundred thousand ton aircraft carrier can float or a one hundred ton jet can fly, but only with the proper knowledge, there are also laws in the spiritual, (the world we don't see), that a person can use to eliminate Aids, MS, malaria, heart disease, cancer, blindness...etc. from their body. will help you obtain the knowledge about those laws and more.
  • Yes, this is lupus. No, their isn't a cure..and it is very serious. DVT can cause strokes and heart attacks. Other than that, their are a ton of other symptoms that can occur to him. Usually, when someone has lupus, others in the family have other autoimmune diseases..rather than just lupus. Others like Crohns disease, diabetes, sarcoidosis, rheumatoid arthritis, sjrojens, (spell check..not sure how that one is spelled) etc. For instance, I have systemic lupus, my cousin does too. Her dad, my uncle has rheumatoid and so does his mom, my grandma. My other cousin on the same side has diabetes. My other cousin on the same side has crohns. My dad and other aunt have never been able to hold a job and both have tons of symptoms but refuse to get checked out. I hope that helps. If I could give you any advice, it would be to offer lots of support and genuine understanding. You can't see lupus, but he feels it and is reminded of it daily. Stress makes it flare up and so does overworking yourself. I can't stress that enough. Cutting both of those out of the picture, and making sure he rests a lot is very likely to throw his disease into remission. It is proven that these things make it a lot worse and I'm living proof that it threw mine into remission for two years before another flare after finally getting a diagnosis after years of stress from not knowing and searching for answers while everyone I knew was hard on me thinking I was suffering from hysteria, followed by leaving an abusive husband. Arguing with him gave me a heart attack at age 26. Once I found out, I learned to pace myself and rest when I was tired instead of pushing myself. Hug him daily and tell him how much you love him b/c 2marro isn't promised.... Listen to him. Be there for him. He needs it and it's the best medicine out there. Good luck.
  • It is not necessarily lupus. Many people who have lupus also have the lupus anticoagulant. However, people can have the lupus anticoagulant and not have lupus. My husband also was found to have the lupus anticoagulant,after having DVT and pulmonary embolism, but does not have lupus. He is very healthy today and lives a normal life. Talk to your doctor to get the facts!

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