• Without getting into too much detail, a light saber gets its color from the crystal used to focus its beam. Sith use artificial crytals while Jedi use natural crystals, which is why no Jedi carries a red light saber and so on.
  • Ok, that was one answer(ok in the star wars games) this is the correct one for the movies, as this is where this question is. There are 4 colours of light sabre. Jedi's use blue and green and yellow. Blue is for Guardians,Green for Consulars and yellow for Sentinels. There's no difference in power.( only in the star wars games, not in the movies) The red sabres are for followers of the dark side of the force, the Sith. No more powerful than green, yellow or blue.
  • there are green,blue,purple,yellow,orange,red,white,black and gold(and silver i think)light sabers.All light sabers are made by their owner(the jedi or sith)they(the owner) will choose a coloured crystal thingy from some secret planet and make their sabers using that and some other parts.But Red and orange light saber crystals are artificially made by heating natural crystals and adding some thingy to them,this makes Red and Orange sabers a little bit stronger than the others.(the sith have no control over wheather it turns out red or orange)
  • wat! how has orange and yellow lightsabers!? And why has mace windu got a purple one is it because hes black or the most powerfull jedi?

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