• I don't think it does! The only thing I have tried that really tastes like chicken is iguana. Crocodile doesn't taste like chicken, ostrich doesn't taste like chicken, frogs legs don't taste like chicken.... I could go on! Maybe it is due to the individual's taste buds.
  • I think that everyone has tasted chicken, so when someone wants to know how some new food (meat) tastes.. they say it tastes like chicken.. so that they have a reference as to what to expect.
  • Because ppl have a really hard time thinking outside of the box of other exotic foods that they have eaten, so they just go for chicken and other stupid ppl believe them!
  • My ex fed me nothing but chicken for 5 years. Every night. Even in my lunches. I now have a phobia, dormant these last 4 years that's re awakened. ARGGGGHHHHHHH. Dang it, the chocolate bar I'm munching on now tatses like a chicken strip. Thanks Dav.

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