• What I am going to do to my wife (bdsm style) when she gets home in the next fifteen minutes.
  • I'm trying not to have evil thoughts, they only destroy the thinker of them and rarely the object.
  • By a weird co-incidence, both my mom and my dad have had to go to hospital for scans these past 2 weeks. I'm hoping and praying we'll be lucky enough to get away with the two of them being fine :-( now, that doesn't sound evil.. but the other possible outcomes running constantly through my mind sure are.
  • I VANT TO SUCK YOUR BLOOD! +5 (I know it says VANT, suppose to sound like a Vampire Lady! lol)
  • That would be when I think about the Queen! She had been wondering about how good the NHS had been for her subjects and some MP's, decided to get her shown around some NHS hospitals. Sadly it was decided that I would show her around our hospital. When she arrived, we started to show her the different departments and then she asked to go round the wards! So we took her around a few. At once point as we went around we passed a bed, in which a man was lying there masterbating! She was quite shocked so I said to her "Sadly that man is a rather bad case, he had very bad head injuries leaving him with a lot of brain damage, the result is that all he can ever do is what you have just seen, nothing can be done to help him! She was happy to hear we had tried our best with him. Then a while later we past a man in bed with two policemen in uniform standing by his bed, he was handcuffed to the head of the bed. From his penis was a rope that went to a pully at the end of the bed which had two hundred pounds of weights hanging on it! She asked why this was? I said "Mamm he's a serial pervert and we have done this, so that his penis will be so sore that in the future, he will not want to get it out and wave it at women in the street anymore because of the pain! She was pleased once more. Then we past a guy laying naked on the bed, two nurses wearing black stockings and suspenders were standing on small ladders, they wear waving fans above him to keep him cool. On the bed was a naked nurse with a very lubricated six inch vibrator inserted into the guys anus,and another nurse was giving the guy a blow job! The queen said "Please explain this to me!" So I said "in ths case the man was getting off a London bus and he banged his elbow, ten minutes later he came into A&E. He is the only person in the Hospital who has private health care insurance! Grin...
  • I am thinking about fornicating, and I heard that evil thoughts are as bad as evil deeds so, Throw another log on the fire, I am going down in flames.
  • Revenge...Muahahaahahahha
  • rare for evil to enter my mind, slightly naughty yes!
  • that if this damned cat of mine doesnt stop jumping on my desk and walking on the keyboard as I am trying to use the computer, I'm going to throw it out the window! (ok, I wouldnt actually do that for real but she is certainly making me considering shutting her out of the room)
  • I'm all drunk lol. That's pretty evil isn't it?
  • I don't have evil thoughts, but sometimes I have thoughts that are not productive to my goals.
  • It's not that evil, but brachioradial fatigue is going through my mind.
  • The place I volunteered for today are liars, however, they make it look like it's the volunteer, I'm pondering on away to flip the script, but they have a strong relationship with the people they lie to, so it won't be easy. I have no intentions on destroying them (I couldn't if I tried), yet those they work with deserve to know the truth.

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