• Ok, I'm gonna get in trouble for this one but still, Tell her its wrong, and give her a good smack :-)
  • Most kids go through this, the forbidden fruit is always the sweetest, I told my son that if he wanted to say those kinds of words he could do so in his room but not in front of other people because it offends them. Once he was allowed to say it it was no longer fun and he dropped it.
  • She probably doesn't know it is a bad word. If she knows it is a bad word and still says it and nothing else works, then pop her on the mouth with two fingers. She'll get the hint. Hot saucers say when the child likes hot sauce to put it on the lips and let it burn a little bit.
  • death from overuse.
  • if i were you i'd explain to her as simple as i could, that it is a bad word and shouldn't be said at any time maybe she'll do it "for mommy" and stop.
  • Soap, only works if she knows what the punishment is for. Where does she hear these words. kill off the source, if its you stop it. Then a quick instant slap when she says it. Say "Thats a naughty word", let her cry. It will only happen about 2 more times at the most. With dish detergents made in china I wouldn't chance killing my kid with a little Sun Joy dish soap. I really can't think of anything you could stick in her mouth that would work.
  • Totally IGNORE her when she does that. My son did that, not FU88 but another cuss word when he was two. He went on using the word for three/four days i just about every sentence. We totally ignored him and it stopped. the only reason he started was that this grandma shouted at him for saying it the first time:)
  • In my opinion I would first tell her that it is a bad word and not to use it. If she continued I would tell her that for every time she said it I would take away a toy and give it to a good child that did not use such words. She may test you but once she knows you mean business she will stop. (make sure you keep your promise). This will teach your child that we must pay for our actions. You must never give a toy back you taken away or replace it with a new one.
  • sorry but this hot sauce thing i've never heard of it. and i dread the idea. i have heard of mustard though. different tast and if she is not used to it she will deffinatly not like it. but have you tried putting her alone in her room or naughty step. do this every time she swears, with out fail. it may take a while for it to work because she will try to leave the room or step/chair. google up super nanny you can contact her and she will give you professional advise.
  • Don't do anything at all! She's going to learn to cuss anyway, so just let it go.
  • This question is somehow messed up ( no offense ).. Where did she even hear that word?? And How did she know where to put that word inside a song?? And what's that have to do with hot sauce and soap?? Well,most kids learn to pick the words they hear funny and repeat them over and over again until they found funnier ones.. It's just a kid's mumbling,so i guess not much to worry about..
  • The more you try to stop it, it will probably go more. Best thing would be to make her feel bad about what she says.
  • Take away the thing she loves most , when she does this. it s not ok for the behaviour to carry on....its bad enough coming from 14 15 year olds. Im glad you want to do something about it ive seen perant laugh at their children saying these things.
  • children pick up words from what they hear from other people....i am sure that your little gal does not even know that it is a bad word to should not wash her mouth out with soap, because i consider that a little need to tell her to never use that word again.......take care....Brian.....
  • Bogus as a three dollar hooker that gives trading stamps.
  • Well my wife related how her mother of seven children got them all to behave without spankings and washing their mouths out with soap. My mother-in-law to this day carries a box of matches in her purse. My wife shown me a few little white dots on her arm. Her mother would simply take the misbehaving child aside, calmly explain what the poor behavior was, and ask the child if they ever seen a match burn twice? M-I-L would light the match blow it out and press it to the child's arm. My wife said that was a great attitude adjustment. Also a wire coat hanger wrapped in a towel doesn't leave bruises or marks.
  • My little girl is 6 now and she no longer says bad words. I tired soap once and she wanted more...was not a good idea anyway. I tired hot sauce and she LOVED it. So she has her TACO BELL mild sauce still (never gave her anything stronger then that). I dont want to beat the crap out of her like my mother did to spanking is last resort and its only hard enough to get her attention...she never cries (it didn't work for me either). I think Killing the source was what really worked for me and my little one. Just to answer some questions: Rince: Might work and sometimes they do need a smack on the butt if its going to save there life (like when my daughter stood on top of the 10 gal fish tank to get something that was up high after telling her 100 times not to). Gingerminx- Not a bad idea, but never tired it. She just was told so much that it was wrong (after killing the source) she stopped saying it on her own in front of others and once in a while I would catch her slip when she thought we were not around. I have not heard her say any bad words for at about a year. Someguy- She knew it was bad, but kept testing us to see what she could get away with. I understand what you are saying about using 2 fingers...once in a while its good to use. Rei de jinn - soi un rei lop- HUH? msqrint93- Great advice! St. Thoma- Agree that soap works only if she knows why she is getting it, but I tried once and didn't work. Not comfortable with the slap thing. Would never try dish soap. I 100% agree with you about killing the source. She is a twin and her brother has never said any bad words, but they both spent the day at G-MA's house while I worked full time and older cousins and one uncle lived there too...needless to say...they did not care who was around and every other word was the "F" word. Now that I think about it, once I changes sitters it began to stop. Kill the source- Great advice. Enigma- I hear that works too and again that is really good advice. Trouble I had with that is she was already in school and saying it around her classmates and teacher. I was having meetings all the time. My husband and I were constantly working with the teacher to try and get her to stop. Account Closed- agree. TVcolor- Yea I tired horsey-sauce. I didn't have the heart to keep giving it to her...twice was too much. I did try the chair but did not stick to it the way I should have because of exactly what you said. She would not stay and would fight...then her brother would start acting up and I lost focus. My bad! Andres- LOL. I'll never give up on her. Shirou- Your right someone did mess up, but still the question is how to fix it! 1- While being babysat at G-Ma's house...she heard it from Uncle and cousins who don't care or realize that their were kids around 'cause they don't have any. 2- She learned the song first from both home and school. 3) Growing up many people learn from there parents that when a child say's bad words they should get hot sauce or soap in their mouth, but it doent work anyway. I dont think that its just kids mumbling...I feel its very important to stop it as soon as possible otherwise it just gets worse. Good questions...thanks! Itinary- Thank you. plocrates- That's a really good idea for a lot of kids. I tired with her too, but she didn't care...she's stubborn. Thank you. Brian646- Your right and I agree with you. Thanks Esteban- Wrong posting babe! Sir_Anony- Ummm....nope...not gonna happen.
  • Hot sauce and soap? My idea would be to go to the library, let your daughter read through some children's books while you scope out some parenting books. I'm not joking.
  • It's nothing to freak about. I'm only 1-- uh.....mmm.. 12 I cuss all the time and so do my parents. When she starts elementary school, you'll possibly get a call home. Try to teach her different words then she'll start repeating words like "twinkle twinkle little whore holy sh•t forever more" see much better

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