• That is something you have to research when going into a less traditional form of schooling. A lot of people arent willing to see the online degrees as equal to a traditional program. I looked into getting an online degree and found that it is a different kind of class load in most cases, and I decided it would be best for me to go to school the traditional way, and know that it was accredited. You can probably still find a job somewhere, but you just have to accept that you cant just work anywhere with the degree you have.
  • Most employers don't care about diploma's full stop. It's your work experiences and how you put yourself across at an interview that matters. A guy without a diploma but 5 years working in the field and saying the right things at the interview will get the job ahead of a nervous hack hiding behind a diploma. In the hundreds of interviews I did for an agency a while back I could always tell the person thinking his diploma was his "ticket" to a job,

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