• "I really like you a lot" (not I love you) Get into a conservation about kissing (preferably first kiss)
  • Hey honey, i really missed you today. seriously though, if you're not in a relationship with a girl, your chances of getting a random kiss are in the 1-3% range i would say, unless you're the world's most charming man (but you can't be because i already have that title).
  • "Hey baby, I'm a poet, you wanna hear some poetry"... Then go in for the kill!! Works for everytime!
  • "I bet you're a really good kisser."
  • If a girl asks you for anything, a drink, a ciggarete whatever just answer with " Maybe if you give me a kiss" in a kind of a jokey way, I done that before and its worked. They can only say no as my Mother would say!
  • If you paid enough up front you don't have to ask.
  • "Hey, I'll give you twenty bucks for a kiss."

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