• Saturn is 9.5 AU from the sun, meaning that it's almost 10 times as far from the sun as the Earth is. 1 AU is about 93 million miles, making Saturn about 880 million miles from the sun. Titan orbits Saturn at a distance of about 760,000 miles -- less than a 0.1% variation in Titan's distance from the sun versus Saturn's. Round off & call it 10 AU or 900 million miles.
  • Since the moon is associated with Saturn and rotates is I would imagine that it could be closer by it's distance from Saturn or farther for the same reason which would cancel out to the distance of Saturn and all the variances in between Based upon this logic I would only need to provide Saturn's distance from Earth. '1,300,000,000 kilometers Average distance between Saturn and Earth. That's more than 800,000,000 miles.' Info:

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