• What? Where? Am I missing something?
  • I'm not going to let some gnome or troll or whatever chase me out of my own house.
  • This site is on a slippery slope of decline...slowly, in treacle-like fashion, it will implode from the deluge of idiotic, stupid and worthless Q&A, from people who are scared of having a real life life and from people who can't spell and need serious therapy or sectioning.
  • Not me, hon. I'm here for the duration.
  • They wont ever chase me outta town! but they have had a good go at me this week, bloody piranhas!
  • Really? I must be missing the action. It seemed rather quiet to me here lately.
  • Apparently the National Association for Food and Drugs put out a warning today..."It appears grocery stores have been selling Corn Flakes with a trace of urine in them..." So essentially, everyone's in a mood because someone p*ssed in their Corn Flakes.
  • If people allow trolls to run them off, so be it. If people leave and create a lot of drama over it, that is their choice. It is not a choice I am fond of. The Troll Peeves category is full, so it obviously bothers people. Or for the few dramatic types, they can pull out their tissues and we all come running with the anti-troll violins to help. I don't take that bait. I think it's time for some folks to take a break that's for sure. Unfortunately, no matter what, there will always be two things on AB: drama kings/queens and trolls. I have gotten good at tuning both out :) I haven't noticed the drama as much as I have the decline in civility lately. Ughhh. Hand me an aspirin will ya?
  • I was thinking AB was kinda clam lately, a nice change of pace. Maybe I have been laying low just long enough to miss the drama. I hate drama!!!!!
  • I see some "drama" every day...but no more than usual. The trolls are a nuisance, but I'm not going to let those pathetic fools chase me off. AB does a much better job of taking care of them. You want drama and trolls ruining things for everyone? Try going to Yahoo Answers! There's no such thing as customer service there.....and it's over-run wiht juvenile delinquents.
  • I must admit, I thought it was pretty quiet, but I don't come on here as often as some people so I wouldn't really know.

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