• We have taupe, hunter green and burgundy in our living room.
  • dark brown furniture, wall colour is called 'stone wall', natural green pillows etc, many trees and smaller plants..floor to ceiling windows/no drapes.
  • Camel colored sofa and love seat with a stone tiled table with burnt orange and green accents (pillows, rugs etc).
  • white walls, black couch and dried blood red carpeting
  • Taupe, beige and dark brown. Blah Actually, I just redecorated my house last year and it looks better than it sounds. Copied an advertisement in a magazine.
  • the house i'm currently in (aka, the parents house) has black leather couches, the big slab of rock type thing that supposed to be a coffee table, shiny almost black-ish wood floors, and the walls are white because the ceiling is like 20 feet so it's kind of hard to paint, oh and a leopard print doggy bed :) ..
  • On two walls, we have a specially mixed mint blue paint. The third wall is dark brown mahogany wood, and the fourth side is mostly window, with dusty red curtains, and silver and blue swag on a black wrought iron curtain rod, with red and silver cast resin finials. The furniture is all black, dark brown, and chrome. There is a blue oriental rug, which is where I picked out the color for the blue paint.
  • My walls are a blue thats slightly darker than baby blue and my trim is white. All of my picture frames are brushed silver color along with the border of my Flat screen. My couches and chairs are light brown to tan and my end and coffee tables are a dark brown
  • It's easier to show you. It's a bit bland at the moment because we still need to buy an area rug and I am currently working on a painting for the wall.
  • Grey and white :)
  • cream walls black couch wooden floors cream rug black with glass top tv unit and tables
  • PINK AND GREEN ..ok know it sounds a bit ifffyyyy.. but most like when they see it.. and more impotantly I LIKE IT
  • My walls and carpet are in the taupe family and my living furniture is black leather - I have paintings on the wall with a complimentary deep wine color as the focus.
  • I guess it's mostly gold, pink and green though that sounds awful and gaudy which it isn't lol!! Walls are logs and one red half wall, pink, red, two tone green oriental rug on floor. Rust, rose, green and gold couch. Large quilt with same colors. I guess most of the wood in the room is dark or black. Right now no wood on the floor. It's still subfloor but we'll get to that probably before summer. It still is a construction site:-)
  • Beige carpet, cream-coloured wallpaper, green couch and chairs. :-)
  • Aran, Buff, and Cafe Late are the colors of my yarn which I bought to color coordinate with the colors in the carpet. First I made rugs then a curtain for my double window, but I took it back down because I can't see when its raining without pulling it back. I made covers for my loveseat and chairs and now I'm working on some hanging baskets for the plants that don't like the heat outside. I may make some accent pillows eventually, but maybe not because they're mostly useless/just for looks.
  • Light tan walls that match the light tan ceramic tile floor with brown furniture and brown trim wall decorations.

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